Panasonic Pursuit NJS /// Bike Porn

so i’m not the only 1 who sets up google alerts for their bikes right? this is what “Panasonic NJS” sent me today.

a Panasonic NJS pursuit frame (huh?)
panasonic njs

NJS with a Bladed Fork? Hm, very odd indeed but I’m not complaining. COLUMBUS MAX tubing! & the oh so de rigueur semi curved seat tube.


 fillet brazed lug

Too much paint or a Semi-Fillet Brazed Lug?  Not the cleanest, but again I ain’t complainin.  Also I love me a good seat stay seatpost binder.

The ebay link if you’re interested, 4 days to go and the price is already hurtin’-a-brotha. Just remember, if you scoop it up: build it up at everybody bikes!!1!



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