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Morning rides.

Riding at 6am is my only option while working at a bike shop. Into Mill Valley then climb 2am to four corners. Drop down to Muir Woods and return home on highway one. Back in the shop by 11 to fix your bike.  

Kona Minute: The Kid Carrier

Back in 2011 a family of four came into the shop to buy their first bike. Their experience is documented at length — a worthwhile read to the cargo bike curious. To the kid wrangling parents out there: know that the Minute stood up to the “How will we feel about this after 6 months?” […]

Craft Brew Pit Stops

Brewing News has a great resource for bike tourers who like beer. Here is a Craft Brew Directory in PDF for Northern California. They have directories for other areas in the Northwest also available.  It’s brilliant: laminate it and keep it in your pannier.  I have a friend who has done just that and he […]

Females Shredding the Mountain Bike Gnar

Get rad and ride mountain bikes!  We need more women in the sport, and more support for female riders.  It’s time to shred some trails, or maybe you already are!  Regardless, check out this video, the trailer for Women of Dirt.  The producer of this video, Mark Brent is pairing up with Kat Sweet of Sweetlines […]

Bread Srsly: Velo delivered gluten-free bread

Bread Srsly delivers with the locally made, SOMA Tradesman Cargo Bike San Francisco’s grand isn’t it?  I was at one brunch party being thrown by our friends at the Pedal Inn who are writing a bike touring cookbook, and talking to a different friend, Vanessa, who was telling me about her passion project- baking and […]

Ride out to Del Valle Regional Park

This last weekend some friends of a friend coordinated a bike camping trip out to Del Valle Regional Park.  The park is about 10 miles south of Livermoore.  A group of us convened at a coffee shop near the Rockridge BART station in Oakland.  The group consisted of my friend and some friends of her […]

Lethal weapons.

KQED sheds some light on a rare occasasion: a cyclist killing a pedestrian. There’s a lot do ponder on here, and I’m not about to turn this note into a lengthy op-ed. It’s simply worth pondering: if we are to make any long term progress where cyclists have more influence — and then more and […]

It all started with a bowl of Pho…

Let’s be clear, Turtle Tower, in the Tenderloin has the most bombsauce pho in the city.  But unfortuately along with it comes an unsavory neighborhood to lock your bike up in.  A friend was visiting in town last week and after biking all around the city all day, it was destination Turtle Tower time.  So […]

New Cyclist Anti-Harassment Law in Berkeley

In February Berkeley passed a new law that allows cyclists lawful recourse in civil court.  Los Angeles and Berkeley are the only two cities to have instituted this so far.   Harassment and assault on a cyclists has always been illegal, but the burden of proof is much more difficult to prove as a criminal offense […]

New SF Ordinance: Bikes Allowed Indoors

Sometimes I think bike owners take more pride in the set of clever security measures they have taken to secure every part of their bicycle when they lock up, than how flossy their actual bicycle is (which takes a close second). But then again this is San Francisco and you must invest in, at the […]