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Townie Bars /// at Everybody Bikes

Just scooped some townie handlebars from the shop. On my hunt for these bars I’ve mostly found 1’s with just some sweep or no rise, these are perfect. Parallel hands is the look. $12 bars + $6 Ritchey Grips = $18 gentleman Where else can you grab some true sweep back handlebars  for  $12?   […]

Don’t drink and ride. Ride with your drinks.

Neither we nor its creators, Walnut Studiolo, approve of dumping beer down your liquid receptacle while riding, but we love the way they think. Actually, I can only speak for myself on this one … I know Joel will love the bike, though 😉

Rossin // Bike Porn

Rossin 1980s Calendar Shot   Rossin Ghibli   Rossin Pantograph Stem   Contact to claim photo credit  

Clearance // Bike Porn

Keep it true. Contact to claim photo credit.

Bike Porn: 1949 Cinelli Townie

See More here: CinelliOnly

Hillman Track Frame & Fork

Beautiful, eh? It’s owner is selling the frame/fork; the details are: Hillman Track Frame (Gordon Hill) Columbus SLX New tubing 59cm c-c ST, 58cm c-c TT, 17.5cm HT It’s not drilled for brakes. Fork is 1″ threaded Bottom bracket is 68mm English Takes a 27.2mm post 100/120mm spacing “I believe the frame was made in […]

Humble Ol’ Red in The Mission

I dig this bike. Single speed, black/red theme. Modest yet fresh. Banged up enough to not be a target for theft and together enough to provide a good ride (wild guess). Dear person to whom this bike belongs: tell us about it. Photo by Virna Dio at 18th & Harrison right in front of Cell […]

With Every Ride I Dream of This:

CAR-FREE by Tatsuro Kiuchi of the Tokyo Illustrators Society and PEN STILL WRITES. Thanks for visually articulating what I think about with every bike ride through San Francisco, good sir.