High Profile “Share the Road” Campaign in Britain

Fiat's "Share the road" campaign

 The article, “Fiat’s ‘share the road’ campaign hits the papers,” by Jonathon Harker on BikeBiz.com states:

 ‘We’re not suggesting cuddles at traffic lights, just a little understanding’

British Cycling’s official vehicle supplier Fiat has launched its ‘share the road’ campaign, using Olympic cyclists.

Announced at the start of the year, Fiat’s campaign – aimed at tackling the divide between cyclists and motorists on the road – has now hit the mainstream press (including the back cover of today’s Metro – see the full ad below).

The advert blurb reads: “We think motorists and cyclists can get along. We’re not suggesting cuddles at the traffic lights, just a little understanding. After all, most cyclists also own a car and vice-versa.

Check out the full article here.

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