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Guerciotti /// Local Bike Porn

iphone snappin. spotted this smoldering hot Guericotti at Bike Kitchen today. The pantographed everything? The paint and decals flawless and spakling. The Columbus SL.  I was losing it. ++++ the owner was quite the QT BB ;D Appears these levers were converted to Aero also the Cinelli bars were drilled for internal cable routing. by […]

Do The Wiggle!

Spread your love of the Wiggle on Sunday the 22nd — be in PSA video! More info at Do The Wiggle.

Raleigh /// Local Bike Porn

I’m that dude taking crappy low-res camera-phone photos of your bike when you’re not around. Spotted this one at my work’s parking garage. Not sure what model Raleigh this is, but the lugs speak for themselves. Reynolds 531. Love when seatstays wrap around the seat cluster.

Greetings from San Francisco

I thought this had an endearing quality to it. It answers the question: How might you represent contemporary young and hip bike culture in SF? School project for Academy of Art University (MFA Graphic Design) by Katie King Rumford Photo: Jason Rowe.

Bike Power! SF bikers back in the day

“Bicycle Riders and neighborhood groups demanded yesterday that plans for beautifying Upper Market street be changed to reduce the number of lanes for cars and to provide facilities for bikes.” Read & see more from SF bikers in the 1970s

Joke of the Day:

What’s black and white and topples over?   This victim of wheel theft. SF is a 2 lock city. Don’t get lazy. Jackers are jackin.  

Connecting The City (Thank You SF Bicycle Coalition)

Connecting The City is the name of a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition initiative to make sure that, wherever you are in the city, there’s a proper bike path / bikeway relatively close by. It’s a grand vision, but one we need. “Our First Project: Realizing 1.5 miles of world-class bikeway in Golden Gate Park” the […]

With Every Ride I Dream of This:

CAR-FREE by Tatsuro Kiuchi of the Tokyo Illustrators Society and PEN STILL WRITES. Thanks for visually articulating what I think about with every bike ride through San Francisco, good sir.

San Francisco Bike Accident Map / Tracker

Mike, Gary and myself were having a chat about bike accidents last night. The conversation revolved around brakeless fixed-gear bikes, their danger, and the slew of arguments to both back them up and shut them down. The map doesn’t give any stats on the bikes themselves, so for now we have no data to back […]