The 2012 Kona 29ers just got some rave reviews.

Everybody Bikes carries Kona brand bikes.  You connect the dots.  Highlights from the review on

From Cory Wallace wins Solo Men for the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo aboard a Kona.

“Kona, without a doubt, has some solid performers in the Big Wheel department. I look forward to what they come up with in product development leading into the future of mountain biking.”


“The Hei Hei 29 Supreme performed flawlessly and without question was THE bike of choice for me. Knowing that I had to ride between 4 and 6 laps of this course on our 4 man team, I chose comfort over an extremely rigid and a bit more responsive rig such as the King Kahuna Carbon HT, Honzo or the Titanium Raijin. Interesting enough, when climbing the 7 Bitches very little “bobbing” was noticed and from previous experiences riding full suspension mountain bikes this is not the norm. It seems that suspension of the Hei Hei 29 Supreme has allowed for solid power distribution into the drivetrain rather than morphing into vertical oscillation.”

From Shredding Some Gnar


“… I felt confident on the Satori when dropping in over a large rock or when the “line” of choice was either through an obstacle or go over the handle bars… the Satori makes short work of difficult line choice. It’s a great “fun” bike and I foresee park riders gravitating to something like this as they move beyond lift-assisted-only riding.”


“The bike was designed to attack any climb with vengeance and it didn’t disappoint. A sloping top tube and compact rear triangle create a “compact” frame design with great stand over room, maneuverability and massive lateral stiffness. When stomp on the pedals, it responds.  On my inaugural ride I broke the “KOM” record on a local climb, per STRAVA anyway, by over a full minute… not bad!”

This is just a tease, do yourself the justice and read the full article, Ride Reviews: Kona 2012 29ers – Hei Hei Supreme, Satori & King Kahuna Carbon, here:


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