Spicy fork, man.

You see a hot, spicy, Salsa fork — it’s at the front, all black and beautiful. This one is the special edition, all curved and cool, right?

Take a closer look:

See it? That’s no stylin’ curve, that’s one helluva bend from hundreds of pounds of unadulterated force coming down hard.

Honestly, I thought you were supposed to be able to hop off curbs regularly, and jump over stuff when there’s a need — I suppose it all depends on your fork, though. Last night I hopped off a curb in a mellow fashion — nothing crazy — I was going down Mission in Bernal Heights a few seconds later and noticed that it felt like my front break was on … it was, but this break was not pad to rim, it was the arms of the brake rubbing against the top of the tire. After I had stopped and a friend said “dude, your fork is bent” I touched the brake. It was hotter than a jalepeño in a babies mouth.

To be continued …

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