Ride out to Del Valle Regional Park

This last weekend some friends of a friend coordinated a bike camping trip out to Del Valle Regional Park.  The park is about 10 miles south of Livermoore.  A group of us convened at a coffee shop near the Rockridge BART station in Oakland.  The group consisted of my friend and some friends of her friends.  THIS is how bike camping friends are made.  On the road.  After 63 grueling miles of climb after climb, 5 pit stops including a bondful trip to Safeway for food and booze you’re pretty much best friends right.  The 1,500 foot climb at the end solidified it.  Blood brothers, sweat sisters whatever you want to call it.  It was all worth it though.

The park is in a valley which also produced a beautiful lake.  Apparently it gets too hot out in this region in the summer, so right now is the time to hit up this sweet spot.  There was also a group that rode dirt out to Del Valle, and a dirt route to leave the park is available so there’s that feature too.  We had a group camp site reserved for $75 split between 20 or so people.

Once we entered the park we rode on dirt for 1.5 miles along the lake to get to our site.  I highly recommend this ride, and park.  We went swimming in the morning and rode out at 3pm to the Pleasanton BART station 20 miles away to be home safe and sound by 8pm.  This included a stop at Five Guys burger joint for $5 burgers and overflowing cajun fries, just down the road from the BART station in Pleasanton.

That's me huffin' n puffin' from the jump.

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