Kona Major Jake Sale!!!!


The Major Jake is packed with value from the top down, ground up, front to back and side to side. We took the same redesigned full carbon CX Race monocoque disc-brake frame and fork we use on the Super Jake to get the ball rolling. We increased chainstay size to maintain stiffness during out-of-the-saddle efforts and decreased the size of the seatstays to preserve our famous ride quality. Add a Stan’s NoTubes Iron Cross tubeless wheelset, Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, TRP Spyre dual-pull mechanical brakes and you’ve got the deal of the season. With hidden fender eyelets and two bottle mounts for those winter-spring wet training rides, the Major Jake represents the pinnacle of value in the ’cross world.

Only available in a 56cm.  Priced at $3,599 and Everybody Bikes will pay your sales tax!!!! That’s right, we’ll feed the government $315 so you don’t have to.  Stop by for a test ride.

Kona Honky Tonk

honky_tonkThrough snow, sun, long distances, dark hours and early mornings, we’ve been building the Honky Tonk to ride through it all. The result is a well-thought-out Reynolds 520 Butted Cromoly road frame that’s light and smooth, with components and features specific to cycling rain or shine, like long-reach calipers for excellent big-tire and fender clearance (you can run up to a 32c tire without fenders, 28c with fenders). New for 2014, we’ve increased the gear range to 11-30/50-34 to handle those challenging climbs.  Price: $1099, most sizes available.


Fuji Touring

2014_FUJI_Touring_SIDEThe Fuji Touring has the versatility to be a fully loaded traveler within city limits and beyond.  Throw some 23c tires on and you’ve got yourself a full on road machine.  Bikes typically handle differently when weighted with gear and needs to be designed for these stressors, which manifest themselves most when braking on long descents.  With custom-tapered cro-moly steel tubing, 36-hole rims, bar-end shifting, and a Deore triple crankset, the Fuji Touring is equipped to get things done.  At $889, this bike is bursting with value.  Stop by and take one for a cruise; most sizes are available.


SE Soda Pop 24″



The Soda Pop 24 is a single speed built on 24″ wheels. It has the same styling as its 700c wheel big brothers but is built for smaller, younger riders. This bike comes with a freewheel and front & rear hand brakes. It’s a fun little cruiser for $299. We’ve even got it a 20″ version in a baby blue for $260. Stop by the shop to check them out.

SpeakEasy’s “Nothing to Lose” Competition.


Everybody Bikes has contributed some fun prizes for the “Nothing to Lose” bike competition. Hosted by Speakeasy Brewery on November 16th, 2013 from 1-6. If you got nothing to do and what to check out some interesting bikes, I highly suggest you attend. Cheap quality beer and bicycles! Further information can be found here.

Bicycle powered elevator up to a treehouse

There is this video you might enjoy if the words bicycle powered treehouse mean anything to you.

Jandd Rack Bungie

jand bungieHere at Everybody Bikes we love carrying stuff on bike racks. From book bags to pizza boxes to fully loaded panniers; if it fits we’ll haul it. These days racks come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Whether it’s a precision welded Nitto imported from Japan or a humble, yet practical Eco rack; they both rely on one crucial component, the bungie cord. Have you ever had a strap fail then get tangled within the wheel? It sucks!!!! The reason why this happens is because the hook is not securely fastened to the elastic. Jandd has truly addressed this issue resulting in a simple and effective design. Their flat braided elastic has been thoroughly stitched around an aluminum hook, which helps with load control.

Morning rides.

Riding at 6am is my only option while working at a bike shop. Into Mill Valley then climb 2am to four corners. Drop down to Muir Woods and return home on highway one. Back in the shop by 11 to fix your bike.



Kona Minute: The Kid Carrier

kona minute, a family cargo bike

Back in 2011 a family of four came into the shop to buy their first bike. Their experience is documented at length — a worthwhile read to the cargo bike curious.

To the kid wrangling parents out there: know that the Minute stood up to the “How will we feel about this after 6 months?” test. We all know kidproofing is tough stuff. So, thanks Kona. You did well.

If you’re curious, here are the full specs on the 2013 model Kona Minute.


This Saturday: Weird Dream at 1288 15th Ave

Just around the corner from the shop is Problem Library. This Saturday, it presents a coming together of 5 artists.

Olivia Ward will bring monsters

Shane York will bring embroidered beauties

Geoffrey Colburn will offer a sampling of his catalogue of cast offs

Jasper Sanidad will bring us pictures to ponder

Rick Kenciano will bring armored guardians

Come for art, drinks, & good people.

We’ve been working on putting this show together for a few months. Olivia has been painting and cutting and pasting and Shane has been poking needle through cotton millions of times over. Geoffrey and Jasper have been collecting their images and videos to show. Rick has been painting his hoodies for years — now’s the time to share them.

We’re looking forward to this; can’t wait to see y’all.

Saturday, May 18th, 2013 @ 8pm

Problem Library
1288 15th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122

RSVP on Facebook