It all started with a bowl of Pho…

Let’s be clear, Turtle Tower, in the Tenderloin has the most bombsauce pho in the city.  But unfortuately along with it comes an unsavory neighborhood to lock your bike up in.  A friend was visiting in town last week and after biking all around the city all day, it was destination Turtle Tower time.  So I not only had to worry about my bike, but a borrowed bike my friend was using.  After assessing all options for lock up I chose a pole outside the window of the restaurant.  Only the window was about 4.5 feet off the ground, so sitting down I could only see people’s heads passing by, not the bikes.  So instead of having to stand up and peer out the window everytime someone walked by, I wish I would have had THIS.

Ils and device, pre-install.

A device that screeches at 120dB for 40 seconds if moved or touched.  Ils, my roommate, friend and new mechanic at Everybody Bikes, is about to install this motion sensor remote alarm.  Genius.  To be used with discretion though, otherwise other cyclist peeps won’t be able to lock up next to you.  [Insert appropriate scenario] Entering Uptown Bar off Capp and 17th in the Mission at 9pm, or even while leaving the rig somewhere on a tour.  Don’t be a fool though, this is to be used in addition to your normal security measures.

The device is sensitive, any vibration via bike that reaches the sensor will set the alarm off.  Street recon says the system’s battery will last up to three months with the alarm activated 24/7.  As you can see the device is about twice as big as a rear reflector, at 3.54 x 2.17 x 0.98 in.  The other bonus is that this device, designed for use in a window or door of your home, can usually be found online for under $15 (including shipping), versus other bike specific devices which are usually priced over $40.  You can find systems similar to the one pictured here, and put thieves on blast.

$15 + a bit of installation craftiness for some peace of mind while eating my delicious pho and imperial rolls.  SOLD.


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