GripRings by Spurcycle

Kickstarter, owned by Amazon, is a platform to fund your creative endeavors.   The presence of Kickstarter has grown in my life over the last few years.  It’s probably because most people my age don’t have enough capital or ways to raise capital after paying for a 100K + education.  Furthermore, the marketplace is anything but forgiving right now.  There is obviously still a movement to keep the entrepreneurial and creative spirit alive though.  It seems my broke friends, and even my broke self, will support our other broke friends in achieving their dreams.  So it seems the model works.

Spurcycle, from brothers Nick and Clint, met and exceeded their Kickstarter goal of $15,000 May 1st for their GripRing project.  It’s pretty rad.  I’m a fan of the mix and match lifestyle.  

On their Kickstarter campaign, the brothers answer a series of questions including:


In one of the happiest places on the planet, a city filled with daily riders, beautiful bicycles, and a growing appreciation for the power of a velo-enabled lifestyle… San Francisco, California. This is where we plan to start the Spurcycle ride.

You can order a set of GripRings by backing their project.  You’ll get a set of 16 rings, 8 per grip, and 2 Spurcycle endcaps for a pledge of $20.  It seems some advantages of these grip rings are ease of getting them on and off (same inner diameter as other grips but less length = less suction per grip), more handlebar positions, short or long grip options, and creativity in color scheme.  They even have a custom grip builder Web site where you can interactively develop your own color scheme.  Pretty hawt stuff.

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