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SE Soda Pop 24″

The Soda Pop 24 is a single speed built on 24″ wheels. It has the same styling as its 700c wheel big brothers but is built for smaller, younger riders. This bike comes with a freewheel and front & rear hand brakes. It’s a fun little cruiser for $299. We’ve even got it a 20″ […]

Rear Bike Light: Serfas Thunderbolt (red, rechargeable LED light)

Bike lights, night lights: red light, white light. We want lights. They are for the night. We need one red. We need one white. But which light? I’ve had several compliments on my Serfas Thunderbolt. Here’s the rear/red light. An array of LED’s — its battery is decent, and it’s USB-charged. Best of all: it’s […]

Best clip and strap pedal setup for a tall dude? (or anyone?)

I’m satisfied: this is my second pedal/clip/strap setup using these components. Everybody has different requirements for a pedal setup. A good balance of comfort, quality and style is what I seek. Comfort, for me, means a good tolerance for both downward and upward force on one’s feet. Quality and style are all about the materials […]

Kona Love for Kid Comfort!

Kona Child Seat Compatible Aftermarket Deck: USD $60 Kona’s MinUte is fast becoming popular as a sturdy and lightweight alternative to steel-framed cargo bike competitors. The lightweight, butted aluminum frame, mechanical disc brakes, and Shimano components have made the cargo bike a huge favorite around San Francisco for doing everything from carrying groceries home from the market, […]

We got Fyxation gear…and it’s hot.

Come on into the shop and check it out. [youtube] Fyxation Shot over three days, two days in the studio and one day on the streets of Milwaukee, this vid showcases our 2012 collection. Need inspiration for an upcoming build just let it roll, or pause to admire each build. Each set up was […]

The 2012 Kona 29ers just got some rave reviews.

Everybody Bikes carries Kona brand bikes.  You connect the dots.  Highlights from the review on “Kona, without a doubt, has some solid performers in the Big Wheel department. I look forward to what they come up with in product development leading into the future of mountain biking.” HEI HEI SUPREME “The Hei Hei 29 […]

New Product: Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skins / Covers

Protect your ride in style!  Everyone’s lock looks the same. Escape the ORANGE. Get your lock a brand new look for just $8.

In the shop: All-City Toe Clips

These suckers are at the shop for $30. Never again fuss with getting your foot in your clip. Matching straps are available too!

Giro Aeon Helmet

Pretty clean, pretty clean. And ONLY $250. Dear Michael, Can folks special order this sucker at the shop?

KMC! Z Chain!

The chain that comes in this box has served me well. If you ride a single speed, I highly recommend it. More than a month of aggressive peddling and a healthy dose of skid stopping and this thing has yet to fail me. I expect a long life out of this sucker.