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Harvesting Electronic Waste Through Pedal Power

Recycling circuit boards in developing countries where electronic waste is abundant, may now be available through pedal power due to the Bicyclean invention, instead of using current harvesting methods which are dangerous to both people and the environment.

Before he could even ride a bike …

Show Last Night: Success!

Thanks to Domestic Electrics, Young Alterations, and The Allergies for playing. Thanks to Andy for brewing. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thanks to Ramona the dog. For the heck of it, here’s the last flyer that Phillip of Young Alterations designed:

This guy … (from: melisaki)

I’d love to know his story … Le vélo de Tati, from the great melisaki

Leaning tower of Lezyne

Digging up some pre-birth photos of the shop … These guys (Lezyne) make great glueless tube patch kits. Easiest tube patch I’ve ever done.

Don’t drink and ride. Ride with your drinks.

Neither we nor its creators, Walnut Studiolo, approve of dumping beer down your liquid receptacle while riding, but we love the way they think. Actually, I can only speak for myself on this one … I know Joel will love the bike, though 😉