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Harvesting Electronic Waste Through Pedal Power

Recycling circuit boards in developing countries where electronic waste is abundant, may now be available through pedal power due to the Bicyclean invention, instead of using current harvesting methods which are dangerous to both people and the environment.

Cardboard Bike Project

I love steel.  That said- I find this project fascinating not for its’ perfection, but for the pure amount of innovation behind it.  I watched this video first on Hyperallergic.  

Bike Shorts winner, Bicycle Sounds

Bike Shorts takes submissions of films relating to bicycles in any way that are under five minutes.  They screen these shorts about every three months in New York City and the audience determines the winner who gets $100 on the spot. says, “You can send us your tricks videos, race videos, abstract art pieces, […]

Artbike at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

Original post, Bicycle built for two, written by Richard Masoner, from with this commentary: An interesting artbike seen at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in an exhibit about love. I asked if this bike is ridable, but the museum staff would not let me test it. This bike might be a […]

Do It Yourself

Cycling Cap: Check out the full post on  Also, if you have experience sewing, you can, “probably skip the tute all together, download the pattern and just get on with it,” as the dude says.  Pattern at Web site.  Refurbished Saddle: See instructions through pictures here.  If you’re someone who needs more instructions though, […]

The Pedal Inn

  Nick and Lindy’s first date was a bike ride.  Nick showed up in street clothes and Lindy showed up in spandex.  This was the beginning of a beautiful thing.  Never mind their relationship. I’m talking about something else. Many bike rides later of all shapes and sizes, Nick and Lindy are prepared to put together […]

Everybody Bikes. Even Bugs.

From “A brilliant capture of a praying mantis straddling two budding leaves by Borneo-based photographer Tustel Ico.”  Thanks to my friend, Peter Mittendorff, for pic and title.

mondrian everything

 ever notice that bike folks love piet mondrian?    

Those Rapha Folks

Rapha. What can I say, they’ve just got it. From the films, to the cycling club, to the gear. I’m into it. Enjoyed watching this 17:49 short for the Rapha Continental could be mistaken here, but it appears this journey was made w/o the use of carbon frames?  If so, it’s an aspect of the trip which […]

Another piece of bike related beauty from Tatsuro Kiuchi

CAR-FREE was a post a while back, here’s another of Tatsuro Kiuchi’s bike related pieces. More of his art can be found at Tokyo Illustrators Society and PEN STILL WRITES.