Best clip and strap pedal setup for a tall dude? (or anyone?)

I’m satisfied: this is my second pedal/clip/strap setup using these components. Everybody has different requirements for a pedal setup. A good balance of comfort, quality and style is what I seek. Comfort, for me, means a good tolerance for both downward and upward force on one’s feet. Quality and style are all about the materials and the design.

Take a look:
plemons mks clip strap setup

The combo
MKS Sylvan Touring pedals
MKS LL (biggest size) single strap cages (double should work fine too, but hasn’t seemed necessary so far)
Plemons straps

The comfort is the result of a combination of elements.

Surface area
A lot of surface area — get as much foot-on-pedal action as possible with the Sylvan Touring, MKS’s biggest pedal. When I first tried this setup my clips weren’t big enough (the sizes available are S, M, L and LL). I was using the L size and my foot sat too far back on the pedal. Indeed, you must make sure your foot is sitting right, and it might take trying out a size or two.

Leather upper
The leather upper that sits under the top of the clip is critical. In most setups like this I see the leather placed over the clip — I tried that for about a day before I realized it was a decision based solely on style (it’s nice to look down at clean piece of leather). Flip it around like you see in the picture — you’ll be happy.

Quality leather
Finally, and the quality of the Plemons leather makes getting in/out easy, they wear well, and when pulling up in your pedal stroke it feels nice on your feet — no odd and uncomfortable points of pressure.

We have the pedals and the clips at the shop. Ask Mike or Millen to put in an order for some Plemons straps.

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