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Harvesting Electronic Waste Through Pedal Power

Recycling circuit boards in developing countries where electronic waste is abundant, may now be available through pedal power due to the Bicyclean invention, instead of using current harvesting methods which are dangerous to both people and the environment.

Cardboard Bike Project

I love steel.  That said- I find this project fascinating not for its’ perfection, but for the pure amount of innovation behind it.  I watched this video first on Hyperallergic.  

Two Young Swedish Women Invent Invisible Bicycle Helmet

I left San Francisco to bike through France and now I’m in Berlin, Germany visiting a friend.  Berlin is exploding with creativity and innovation with their rapidly growing start-up tech scene.  This is not the only city nor field full of innovation in Europe right now, though. This video is going viral in Europe right […]

Kona Love for Kid Comfort!

Kona Child Seat Compatible Aftermarket Deck: USD $60 Kona’s MinUte is fast becoming popular as a sturdy and lightweight alternative to steel-framed cargo bike competitors. The lightweight, butted aluminum frame, mechanical disc brakes, and Shimano components have made the cargo bike a huge favorite around San Francisco for doing everything from carrying groceries home from the market, […]

Craft Brew Pit Stops

Brewing News has a great resource for bike tourers who like beer. Here is a Craft Brew Directory in PDF for Northern California. They have directories for other areas in the Northwest also available.  It’s brilliant: laminate it and keep it in your pannier.  I have a friend who has done just that and he […]

Elena in Quito, Ecuador Inspires People to Ride

I just read a great blog post from Woman on a Wheel about a woman rider in Quito, Ecuador who has inspired many to ride.  Watch this video where Elena  rides through the city and shares her thoughts on it. Elena rides for many reasons, of which I identify with most all of them including […]

Bike Shorts winner, Bicycle Sounds

Bike Shorts takes submissions of films relating to bicycles in any way that are under five minutes.  They screen these shorts about every three months in New York City and the audience determines the winner who gets $100 on the spot. says, “You can send us your tricks videos, race videos, abstract art pieces, […]

Females Shredding the Mountain Bike Gnar

Get rad and ride mountain bikes!  We need more women in the sport, and more support for female riders.  It’s time to shred some trails, or maybe you already are!  Regardless, check out this video, the trailer for Women of Dirt.  The producer of this video, Mark Brent is pairing up with Kat Sweet of Sweetlines […]

San Francisco to Santa Cruz: An Elegant Route

Some friends and I did a rad 5 day, 4 destination bike trip capitalizing on a weekend by taking Monday and Tuesday off work.  This ride is great for in-shape beginners to intermediate riders as most days are 40-50 miles.  Google Maps says we rode about 160 miles overall, but according to a friend’s bike […]

Bread Srsly: Velo delivered gluten-free bread

Bread Srsly delivers with the locally made, SOMA Tradesman Cargo Bike San Francisco’s grand isn’t it?  I was at one brunch party being thrown by our friends at the Pedal Inn who are writing a bike touring cookbook, and talking to a different friend, Vanessa, who was telling me about her passion project- baking and […]