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Bicycle powered elevator up to a treehouse

There is this video you might enjoy if the words bicycle powered treehouse mean anything to you.

Kona Minute: The Kid Carrier

Back in 2011 a family of four came into the shop to buy their first bike. Their experience is documented at length — a worthwhile read to the cargo bike curious. To the kid wrangling parents out there: know that the Minute stood up to the “How will we feel about this after 6 months?” […]

This Saturday: Weird Dream at 1288 15th Ave

Just around the corner from the shop is Problem Library. This Saturday, it presents a coming together of 5 artists. Olivia Ward will bring monsters Shane York will bring embroidered beauties Geoffrey Colburn will offer a sampling of his catalogue of cast offs Jasper Sanidad will bring us pictures to ponder Rick Kenciano will bring […]

Campagnolo Delta Calipers, modified by ICS

For those curious, this is what brakes that cost $1,125.00 look like: By way of the aptly named Campagnolo Delta Brakes blog. The burning question: what’s so great about Delta brakes?

This Sunday: Bicycles Block Party – kids, bring your bikes!

INNER SUNSET community-wide block party on the school blacktop on 6th Ave (b/t Judah and Irving). “ACTIVE FAMILIES” THEME so bring your bikes! – FOOD TRUCK – BIKE/SCOOTER/TRICYCLE RACES for Kids – FREE BIKE MAINTENANCE by Everybody Bikes – “Two-wheeler” Training for kids – A ton of FREE BALLOONS – Water Balloon toss, and more. […]

For The East Coasters, The New Yorkers

East Coasters, New Yorkers, bright color lovers, fans of the early years of bike racing, unite.

Rear Bike Light: Serfas Thunderbolt (red, rechargeable LED light)

Bike lights, night lights: red light, white light. We want lights. They are for the night. We need one red. We need one white. But which light? I’ve had several compliments on my Serfas Thunderbolt. Here’s the rear/red light. An array of LED’s — its battery is decent, and it’s USB-charged. Best of all: it’s […]

Best clip and strap pedal setup for a tall dude? (or anyone?)

I’m satisfied: this is my second pedal/clip/strap setup using these components. Everybody has different requirements for a pedal setup. A good balance of comfort, quality and style is what I seek. Comfort, for me, means a good tolerance for both downward and upward force on one’s feet. Quality and style are all about the materials […]

The Set is now Problem Library — come to our first event this Friday

What was once The Set, our Humble & Sometimes AWESOME Gallery Space, is now Problem Library. Same space, new name, new energy (with cosmetic/aesthetic changes in the works), now under the reign of A Different Tall White Guy (yeah, that’s me, Grayson). More details will come as more events happen; for now, I present to […]

Lethal weapons.

KQED sheds some light on a rare occasasion: a cyclist killing a pedestrian. There’s a lot do ponder on here, and I’m not about to turn this note into a lengthy op-ed. It’s simply worth pondering: if we are to make any long term progress where cyclists have more influence — and then more and […]