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mo’ ‘bo // more turbo

love turbos    

star f*er bikes

Eric Clapton’s Cinelli     michael jordan’s eddy merckx i am absolutely certain these superstars own(ed) these bikes. for the web told me so. **** international funny man robin williams has tons of bikes too: look, litespeed, colnago, griffen, pegoretti, cannondale, trek… i mean wouldn’t you? but rather than post endless photos of robert, let’s just […]

mondrian everything

 ever notice that bike folks love piet mondrian?    

just like old times

damn. this video brings back fond memories of them hype-era days of years past. miss them days: ostentatious bikes before it was ‘tarck’ & videos with nothing but whip skids. Mountain Cream B&T from CREAM Bikes & Things on Vimeo. speaking of nice videos, if you haven’t seen the red hook criterium milano video. you bes […]

happy fifth

Columbus Decals Old and New

  Banner at the Columbus Factory /// your guess is as good as mine’s

Panasonic Pursuit NJS /// Bike Porn

so i’m not the only 1 who sets up google alerts for their bikes right? this is what “Panasonic NJS” sent me today. a Panasonic NJS pursuit frame (huh?) NJS with a Bladed Fork? Hm, very odd indeed but I’m not complaining. COLUMBUS MAX tubing! & the oh so de rigueur semi curved seat tube.   […]

Those Rapha Folks

Rapha. What can I say, they’ve just got it. From the films, to the cycling club, to the gear. I’m into it. Enjoyed watching this 17:49 short for the Rapha Continental could be mistaken here, but it appears this journey was made w/o the use of carbon frames?  If so, it’s an aspect of the trip which […]

Guerciotti /// Local Bike Porn

iphone snappin. spotted this smoldering hot Guericotti at Bike Kitchen today. The pantographed everything? The paint and decals flawless and spakling. The Columbus SL.  I was losing it. ++++ the owner was quite the QT BB ;D Appears these levers were converted to Aero also the Cinelli bars were drilled for internal cable routing. by […]

Raleigh /// Local Bike Porn

I’m that dude taking crappy low-res camera-phone photos of your bike when you’re not around. Spotted this one at my work’s parking garage. Not sure what model Raleigh this is, but the lugs speak for themselves. Reynolds 531. Love when seatstays wrap around the seat cluster.