Monthly Archives: August 2012

Two Young Swedish Women Invent Invisible Bicycle Helmet

I left San Francisco to bike through France and now I’m in Berlin, Germany visiting a friend. ¬†Berlin is exploding with creativity and innovation with their rapidly growing start-up tech scene. ¬†This is not the only city nor field full of innovation in Europe right now, though. This video is going viral in Europe right […]

Best clip and strap pedal setup for a tall dude? (or anyone?)

I’m satisfied: this is my second pedal/clip/strap setup using these components. Everybody has different requirements for a pedal setup. A good balance of comfort, quality and style is what I seek. Comfort, for me, means a good tolerance for both downward and upward force on one’s feet. Quality and style are all about the materials […]

The Set is now Problem Library — come to our first event this Friday

What was once The Set, our Humble & Sometimes AWESOME Gallery Space, is now Problem Library. Same space, new name, new energy (with cosmetic/aesthetic changes in the works), now under the reign of A Different Tall White Guy (yeah, that’s me, Grayson). More details will come as more events happen; for now, I present to […]