Monthly Archives: May 2012

Bread Srsly: Velo delivered gluten-free bread

Bread Srsly delivers with the locally made, SOMA Tradesman Cargo Bike San Francisco’s grand isn’t it?  I was at one brunch party being thrown by our friends at the Pedal Inn who are writing a bike touring cookbook, and talking to a different friend, Vanessa, who was telling me about her passion project- baking and […]

Bike School Bus in the Netherlands

I had a dentist appointment in my schedule today and was pleased to see they had one of my favorite publications, the Utne Reader, which operates out of my home state of Minnesota.  Utne is a progressive publication that collects relevant and interesting articles from other sources which keep me up to date on the […]

GripRings by Spurcycle

Kickstarter, owned by Amazon, is a platform to fund your creative endeavors.   The presence of Kickstarter has grown in my life over the last few years.  It’s probably because most people my age don’t have enough capital or ways to raise capital after paying for a 100K + education.  Furthermore, the marketplace is anything […]

This Stove is all the Rage

I kid you not, the new “it” stove these days for bike touring is the Trangia backpacking stove.  When I was touring the West Coast two years ago, it was the Whisperlite International, but apparently that’s passé now.                   Friends, Nick and Lindy, who are doing an […]

Ride out to Del Valle Regional Park

This last weekend some friends of a friend coordinated a bike camping trip out to Del Valle Regional Park.  The park is about 10 miles south of Livermoore.  A group of us convened at a coffee shop near the Rockridge BART station in Oakland.  The group consisted of my friend and some friends of her […]

Artbike at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

Original post, Bicycle built for two, written by Richard Masoner, from with this commentary: An interesting artbike seen at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in an exhibit about love. I asked if this bike is ridable, but the museum staff would not let me test it. This bike might be a […]

Do It Yourself

Cycling Cap: Check out the full post on  Also, if you have experience sewing, you can, “probably skip the tute all together, download the pattern and just get on with it,” as the dude says.  Pattern at Web site.  Refurbished Saddle: See instructions through pictures here.  If you’re someone who needs more instructions though, […]