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Surly blog archives

      I love Surly bikes.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Minnesota, and that is where this QBP brand bike is made, or because Surly’s Furious IPA is hands down my favorite.  Anyway, I remember when one of my bike snob friends surprisingly sent me the link to this article from […]

$100 Off a New Bicycle at Everybody Bikes

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40% Off Everybody Bikes Maintenance Workshop

Click here to purchase your discounted Bike Maintenance Workshop package.  Normally $150, now only $90!   This great discount is only available through Sunday, April 29th. Class One: flat tire repair Class Two: bearing adjustment (front hubs and other bearing systems time permitting) Class Three: brakes (brake adjustment/replacing pads and cables) Class Four: drive-train part I (replacing […]

The Pedal Inn

  Nick and Lindy’s first date was a bike ride.  Nick showed up in street clothes and Lindy showed up in spandex.  This was the beginning of a beautiful thing.  Never mind their relationship. I’m talking about something else. Many bike rides later of all shapes and sizes, Nick and Lindy are prepared to put together […]

Lethal weapons.

KQED sheds some light on a rare occasasion: a cyclist killing a pedestrian. There’s a lot do ponder on here, and I’m not about to turn this note into a lengthy op-ed. It’s simply worth pondering: if we are to make any long term progress where cyclists have more influence — and then more and […]

Put this one in your back pocket…

Roads in the 19th century could have easily gone into disrepair to the point of no return as the days of carriages were ending with the railways taking off, and motorized vehicles not yet around.  The roads were largely unused during this time.  With the evolution from hobby horse to velocipede to bicycles, cyclists were […]

Everybody Bikes. Even Bugs.

From “A brilliant capture of a praying mantis straddling two budding leaves by Borneo-based photographer Tustel Ico.”  Thanks to my friend, Peter Mittendorff, for pic and title.

It all started with a bowl of Pho…

Let’s be clear, Turtle Tower, in the Tenderloin has the most bombsauce pho in the city.  But unfortuately along with it comes an unsavory neighborhood to lock your bike up in.  A friend was visiting in town last week and after biking all around the city all day, it was destination Turtle Tower time.  So […]