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Chile Promotes Empowerment of Women Through Bicycle Riding

According to the article, Promoting Women’s Empowerment on Two Wheels, by Pamela Sepulveda, only 20% of Chile’s cyclist ridership is women which equates to a 1:5 ratio.  This is significantly lower than in the U.S. (and San Francisco) where women to men ridership is 1:2, which is still low, especially in comparison to some European […]

High Profile “Share the Road” Campaign in Britain

 The article, “Fiat’s ‘share the road’ campaign hits the papers,” by Jonathon Harker on states:  ‘We’re not suggesting cuddles at traffic lights, just a little understanding’ British Cycling’s official vehicle supplier Fiat has launched its ‘share the road’ campaign, using Olympic cyclists. Announced at the start of the year, Fiat’s campaign – aimed at […]

New Cyclist Anti-Harassment Law in Berkeley

In February Berkeley passed a new law that allows cyclists lawful recourse in civil court.  Los Angeles and Berkeley are the only two cities to have instituted this so far.   Harassment and assault on a cyclists has always been illegal, but the burden of proof is much more difficult to prove as a criminal offense […]

We got Fyxation gear…and it’s hot.

Come on into the shop and check it out. [youtube] Fyxation Shot over three days, two days in the studio and one day on the streets of Milwaukee, this vid showcases our 2012 collection. Need inspiration for an upcoming build just let it roll, or pause to admire each build. Each set up was […]

The 2012 Kona 29ers just got some rave reviews.

Everybody Bikes carries Kona brand bikes.  You connect the dots.  Highlights from the review on “Kona, without a doubt, has some solid performers in the Big Wheel department. I look forward to what they come up with in product development leading into the future of mountain biking.” HEI HEI SUPREME “The Hei Hei 29 […]

New SF Ordinance: Bikes Allowed Indoors

Sometimes I think bike owners take more pride in the set of clever security measures they have taken to secure every part of their bicycle when they lock up, than how flossy their actual bicycle is (which takes a close second). But then again this is San Francisco and you must invest in, at the […]

Support Your Local Bike Shop, Kids

…or you might get ripped off. I will admit: I belong in the geriatrics unit, not in a 28 year old woman’s body. For survival reasons I have adapted to the technological demands  required to succeed  in our society, but I still prefer pen to paper, sending and receiving correspondence through the post, but most […]