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mondrian everything

 ever notice that bike folks love piet mondrian?    

Jay Sacher writes and draws about a Cold War era bike race

Via follow on Twitter, I discovered one Mr. Jay Sacher -– his writing is clever, his illustration style humorous, and he happens to have a story about cycling in the archives: Enjoy his images and words.

TiGr: Titanium Lock system

Something worth following: the TiGr lock project on Kickstarter.

Cambria suede saddle

Picked this Cambria saddle up from the shop today (nothing against Brooks saddles, but I dig the raw suede look and accessories that are logo-less) to replace the San Marco Ponza I was riding for about 10 days. Already love this thing. Can’t wait for it to age and transform into a piece of cow-hide […]

just like old times

damn. this video brings back fond memories of them hype-era days of years past. miss them days: ostentatious bikes before it was ‘tarck’ & videos with nothing but whip skids. Mountain Cream B&T from CREAM Bikes & Things on Vimeo. speaking of nice videos, if you haven’t seen the red hook criterium milano video. you bes […]

happy fifth