Monthly Archives: May 2011

Raleigh /// Local Bike Porn

I’m that dude taking crappy low-res camera-phone photos of your bike when you’re not around. Spotted this one at my work’s parking garage. Not sure what model Raleigh this is, but the lugs speak for themselves. Reynolds 531. Love when seatstays wrap around the seat cluster.

Greetings from San Francisco

I thought this had an endearing quality to it. It answers the question: How might you represent contemporary young and hip bike culture in SF? School project for Academy of Art University (MFA Graphic Design) by Katie King Rumford Photo: Jason Rowe.

Elian Cycles

Works of beauty from Elian Cycles of Holland.

Rock show at our gallery! Saturday, May 21 @ 8pm

We’re having our first live show at Everybody Bikes … and we’re STOKED! Some fresh indie / garage bands are playing and we get to break in our gallery space – never before have we hosted live music! Check the flyer … See y’all there. RSVP here.

Velo Orange Staff Bike, Part 1

This is old news, but: the staff at Velo Orange have some rad bikes. Here’s one of ’em; more to come.

This guy … (from: melisaki)

I’d love to know his story … Le vélo de Tati, from the great melisaki

Spokes on yellow … look at that valve

“Bicycle head-on” print by Will Manville

Respect goes to Mr William Manville of our very own San Francisco. Gander at his Flickr and his portfolio for more beautiful work.

Bike Power! SF bikers back in the day

“Bicycle Riders and neighborhood groups demanded yesterday that plans for beautifying Upper Market street be changed to reduce the number of lanes for cars and to provide facilities for bikes.” Read & see more from SF bikers in the 1970s

The Mistress – It takes two to tandem.

The Mistress from Mistress on Vimeo. This thing is gorgeous. It’s also the world’s first Tandem Gravel Racer bicycle. Made for Mistress in Venice, CA by Freeman Transport in Missoula, Montana