Monthly Archives: April 2011

Bike to School Day 2011 at SFSU

Thanks to San Francisco State University and all who came out for Bike to School Day 2011. We enjoyed meeting some bikers and wrenchin on some bikes

Fuji Demo Tour Today at Everybody Bikes

The Fuji Demo Tour is coming to Everybody Bikes today, April 20th from 4-7pm Fuji is suppose to be rolling by with ~50 bikes! Come through and test a few dozen. Check it:

Joke of the Day:

What’s black and white and topples over?   This victim of wheel theft. SF is a 2 lock city. Don’t get lazy. Jackers are jackin.  

Turbomatic 2 Lombare // Bike Porn

Take a seat: Selle Italia Turbomatic II Lombare System    

Connecting The City (Thank You SF Bicycle Coalition)

Connecting The City is the name of a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition initiative to make sure that, wherever you are in the city, there’s a proper bike path / bikeway relatively close by. It’s a grand vision, but one we need. “Our First Project: Realizing 1.5 miles of world-class bikeway in Golden Gate Park” the […]

KMC! Z Chain!

The chain that comes in this box has served me well. If you ride a single speed, I highly recommend it. More than a month of aggressive peddling and a healthy dose of skid stopping and this thing has yet to fail me. I expect a long life out of this sucker.